Why do Jing Hua’s Xiao Long Bao taste so good?
Because each and every one contains
the Han’s family’s blessing

Bringing the authentic flavor of
the Han’s cooking to Italy

Still a solid favorite with Singaporeans

Jing Hua Xiao Chi. A small Chinese restaurant on Neil Road in Singapore’s Chinatown.
Hungry locals start to drop by as soon as the shop opens.

“Xiao Long Bao and pan-fried dumplings!”
“Zha Jiang noodles!”
A neighborhood Chinese restaurant with folding chairs and plastic dishes.
The kind of place where you can just pop by without getting all dressed up.

The customers head out as soon as they have satisfied their hunger.
That’s how it is at the original Jing Hua eating house.
The customers there adore the Han family’s “honest-to-goodness” Jing Hua cuisine
that caters to their own local taste, making it one which they could never tire of.

It all began back
in 1989

It was then that Mr. and Mrs. Han opened a small shop in Neil Road, back when there weren’t many eateries in the neighborhood.

They worked hard to create home-style cooking that appealed to local Singaporeans,with tastes that they would want to enjoy every day.

“Xiao Chi” is the Chinese for a “small bites,” and typically includes hearty snacks like dumplings and other dim sum items.
When word spread about Jing Hua’s “Xiao Chi” and how they really hit the spot when you are feeling a bit hungry, the shop became so popular that soon customers were queuing up outside every day.

Each one carefully

The filling is simple: fresh vegetables and pork.
A combination of seasonings created by Mr. and Mrs. Han that produces the flavor accents.
Then wrap that all up in a dough that is rolled out as thinly as possible.
This exquisite balance of ingredients will have you reaching for just one more to dip in the soy sauce, sesame oil and other seasonings first selected by the Hans back when they opened the shop.

“I still enjoy eating our delicious pan-fried dumplings and Xiao Long Bao every day”
Mrs. Han “The pork filling melts away in the mouth, and the proportion of pork, soup and skin is what took us years to perfect.”

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