Our Menu

Jing Hua still offers Mr. and Mrs. Han’s original menu,
a long-time favorite in Singapore,
along with a range of more dishes and drinks.

We hope you will enjoy them.


Our juicy soup dumplings
with a delicate dough wrapping

The filling is simple: fresh vegetables and pork.
It is perfectly balanced with the very thinly-rolled dough and a combination of seasonings that produces the flavor accents. Jing Hua’s Xiao Long Bao, perfected after lengthy effort, are still the most popular item on the menu, even after 30 years.


A long-standing Jing Hua favorite

While our Xiao Long Bao are our stars, it’s Jing Hua’s pan-fried dumplings that customers have been coming back for year after year.
They have a slightly thicker crust than the average pan-fried dumpling and are folded to leave both ends open.
Their bottoms are crisp fried to perfection and the juicy filling gushes into your mouth when you bite into them.
They also taste great dipped into vinegar, soy sauce, chili sauce or shredded ginger.
The choice is yours!


A crisp crust around
a juicy filling

A Han family original. The crispy crust is stuffed with a juicy filling made from vegetables and pork.
A perfect combination of two different textures.
This dish also goes really well with shredded ginger.
Please try adding some ginger in between the crust and the filling.
We think you’ll like it!


Piping hot, rich minced pork and
soya bean sauce is a perfect match for the slightly thick noodles

A piping hot, rich minced pork and soya bean sauce poured lavishly over noodles.
The crispy cucumber and bean sprouts add a refreshing contrast to the umami-flavored sauce.
If you prefer a slightly spicier sauce, try adding some chili and grated garlic miso or some black vinegar.

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